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1. We will listen.
Intently. Thoughtfully. Then we will help transform your ideas into effective strategic marketing communications programs that will make a difference to your business.

2. We will add value from day one.
We will immediately apply a disciplined approach to problem-solving and creative development that will test and strengthen the positioning of your product or service.

3. We will be proactive.
When you invite us to join your team, your business becomes our immediate and on-going concern. In addition to gaining our eyes and ears, you also gain a strategic partner who may frequently ask "why" and "why not."

4. We will make sure there are no surprises.
We will spell out every detail of our working relationship, so you will know prior to initiating programs or projects exactly how we plan to proceed and how we are compensated for our services.

5. We will over-communicate.
We will share as much information about our activities as you need or want. We will answer all questions promptly. And we diligently document all client contact to insure efficient, accurate response and client cost management.

6. We will ensure a smooth transition.
We’ll review all work-in-progress and create a detailed plan to implement the change.

Our promise to our clients and strategic partners.

At Ritter, Inc., we realize that clients do not change marketing communications agencies frequently. Nor do they make a change in marketing partners without a certain amount of apprehension.

In order to help diminish any concerns you might have about aligning your company with Ritter, Inc., we promise the following:

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